Episode 138 - Willa

Discussion in 'Nucastle Podcasts' started by Conway, Feb 12, 2014.

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    The latest episode of the nucastle podcast comes from willa - the fine gent behind our sister podcast series, the poeticast.

    You can find more info on the poeticast and subscribe to it here.

    Darlyn Vlys - Floor 122 (Sante And Sidney Charles Warehouse Dub) //Avotre
    Stanley Schmidt - Snoi //Rivulet
    Loik Marras - Yato //Malicious Smile
    Wally Callerio, Poncho Warwick- Who Will Comfort Me (Guti Summer Loving Remix) //Defected
    McNair & Clarke - 8586 (Funtom Acid Dub) //Deep Site Space
    Datakestra - Wanna //Nite Grooves
    Milton Jackson - See The Light //Black Key Records
    Ian Pooley - Flash 78 //Wilde Liebe
    PBR Streetgang - Klaus K //Newington Records
    Shlomo - The Harvest // Taapion
    High Society & Gabriel Rocca - Going Deep //Lo Kik
    Mario Aureo - Everybody Lives The Same Life (Daniel Solar Remix) //Soulfooled
    Sierra Sam - House In My House //Wilde Liebe
    Simon Baker - Arpy 1 //No Fit State
    Dinky - Xanex (Tuff City Kids Remix) //Visionquest
    Chez Damier & Ron Trent, M.D. - AA1 Untitled //Prescription Records
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