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Podcast Deep Site Sessions Episode 13 with Rory Cochrane & Dj Funtom

Discussion in 'Music' started by roryc, Dec 8, 2014.

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  1. roryc


    Sep 1, 2010
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    Newcastle, UK
    Hey Nucastle!!

    Here's the latest Deep Site Sessions with myself and label partner Dj Funtom, stream and download here! Enjoy!

    Hour 1 with Rory Cochrane

    1.Anton Lanski - Sitting in The Dark
    2.The Unhottest - Half Flipper
    3.Alex Neivel & Pat Heart - Soulevo
    4.Fresh & Low - In The Zone
    5.Sublevel - Just Us (D'julz remix)
    6.Submantra - Lilly
    7.Liquid Phonk - Stomp your feet (Pete Dafeet's deep rhythms dub)
    8.Addex - Envision (Ilias Katelanos remix)
    9.Matt Masters - La Vallee
    10.Felipe L - When Night Sounds (Deephope Remix)
    11.Addex - The Line Control (Savvas remix)

    Hour 2 With Dj Funtom (Deep Site Recordings/Head Set)

    Track list available on request



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