Episode 124 - Graham Laverty

Discussion in 'Nucastle Podcasts' started by Conway, Jul 11, 2012.

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    The last of today's two episodes is an excellent blend of deep and tech house from local DJ (and producer) Graham Laverty from his grooveclub radio show on DI.FM.


    DJ W!LD 'Voyage' (Rekids)
    Julian Bracht 'Terson' (Playhouse)
    Stevie P 'Itchy Do' (Cyclic)
    Matthew Burton 'Coconut Groove' Ekkohaus Main Mix (Back To You)
    Silicone Soul 'Right on, Right on' Matt Tolfrey remix (Soma)
    Londonground 'Chasky' (I Records)
    BLM 'Garage Is Back' (Fear Of Flying)
    DJ W!LD 'Ficou Loco' (Rekids)
    Graham Laverty 'Mysterious Mule' (Variante)
    David Pher 'So We Started Mixing' (Monique)
    Stephano 'Old Trick' (Unsigned)
    Kameleon 'Confetti' (1trax)
    Julien Chaptal 'Elephants On A String' (Intacto)
    William Welt 'Vibe and Soul' Ekkohaus remix (22digit)
    Ekkohaus 'Dont Come Back' (Cargo Edition)
    Fog & SKAM 'Screaming Soul' Hermannstadt Collective remix (Escapism)
    Dave Nash 'Reflexo' Graham Laverty remix (Deep Edition)
    Powell, Montiel 'I Know U Want' Onno remix (High Definition)
    Highgrade Disharmonic Orchestra 'Dizzy Horns' (Highgrade)
    M.In 'Le Cirque De Tambours' (Trapez)
    wAFF 'Jo Johnson' (Hot Creations)
    Aliz Alvarez 'Fayall' (Rebirth)
    Graham Laverty 'If U Need Me' (Axon)
    Mehrnoosh 'Blind Minded' Jordan Peak remix (Escapism)
    Quazar 'Sircus Jam' Onno More Intensity remix (We Dig Music)
    Shlomi Aber 'New York Dreamer' Alix Alvarez remix (Ovum)
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